Emmanuel(Immanuel) Malayalam Movie Details/Review

Emmanuel works in a book publishing firm which is closed down due to unexpected reasons.Emmanuel and his family find it difficult to make both ends meet.The difficulties he face during the period take him out of his personal comfort zone.In Director Lal Jose own words "Immanuel is about one's intrinsic goodness in the face of adversity".

Cast : Mammootty,Reenu Mathews,Fahadh.

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Direction : As expected of Lal Jose,Good work though not as good as his ealier work Ayalum Jnanum Thammil.

Story/Script : Simple family drama.Script is lagging & slow in between.Too much of Utopian goodness. Nevertheless appreciable for its integrity.

Acting : Mammootty is super.Fahad and the boy who does the role of mammootty’s son are good.Debutant Reenu & Mukta does not disappoint.Other roles are in safe hands too like Nedumudi Venu,Sukumari,Salim Kumar etc.

Music : Nothing novel or exciting about songs,at the most okay,though BGM is good.

Camera/Visual Effects : Nothing much to write within the limited scope that the script/story presents.

Choreography/Stunts/Others : Not much choreography or stunts in this movie.

Overall : A feel good movie which may appeal to the families. Expected Hit-Super hit.

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