Akashvani Malayalam Movie Review & Details

A builder,Akash and a television channel editorial staff, Vani are a young married couple with a kid.They have their share of family problems along with all the issues in their career.So they decide to take a break and go on a family trip.And then things happen.The channel where Vani works is owned by her father.The movie is directed by debutant Khais Millen.

Cast : Kavya Madhavan,Vijay Babu

Trailer :

Review :

Direction : Khais Millen starts with an okay debut where he has been able to extract good performances from his cast and the movie looks good on the technical aspects too.The family drama is managed without too many tear jerking scenes which may or may not work against the movie.

Story/Script : The script is quite convincing but not very engaging at the same time.The concept from the eyes of a mosquito is good but does not make any appreciable difference to the story or the screenplay.

Acting :
Vijay Babu does another suave corporate guy role and has become a convincing face in such roles and that shows.He is at equal ease in emotional and family scenes and where he has to share the screen space with Kavya Madhavan.Kavya is not just a cute face but has got more screen space in the movie but on the beyond that she is not able to justify her long wait for the role.Its Saiju Kurup and Sreejith Ravi who are the scene stealers.Another actor who deserves a special mention is Lalu Alex as the domineering father-in-law.Other actors do a good job as well.

Music : Music is average.

Camera/Visual Effects :
The movie has got beautiful visuals.

Overall : A family drama with a new pair of known actors.

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